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How to buy online

If you are new to shopping on the web then buying online can seem a bit daunting. Remember that you're not committed to buying anything until you type in your credit card details at the end, so there's no need to panic! Just follow the simple steps shown on the right:

Security: The most common concern that people have about shopping on the web is security. You should always check that you are in a secure environment before giving your credit card details.

Your browser will tell you if if an environment is secure or not. If you use Microsoft Explorer or recent versions of Netscape Navigator, then you will see a locked padlock at the bottom of the screen when you are in a secure environment. Some other versions of Netscape Navigator 3 show a solid gold key on a blue background.

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Step-by-step guide

1) Go to the shop and set your currency preferences:

When you first arrive at the games store, you will be asked to set your currency preferences and dispatch choices. Click on the downwards pointing arrow and select your preferences. Then click OK. Then click on one of the choices below (e.g "View Boxed Games").

2) Browse around and decide what you want to buy.

If you click on a picture or name beside a game, you'll get more information about that game.

3) When you find something you like....

You will see an empty box with an @ sign and a price. Put the number of games you want to buy in the box, then click on the "Add to basket" button beside it. (You aren't committing yourself - you can take it out of the basket later!).

4) A yellow box titled "Basket Contents" appears at the top of your screen....

This shows the contents of your shopping basket. If you want to buy more games, repeat step 3 above.

5) When you're finished browsing and want to order...

Click on the words "Confirm Basket Contents" in the yellow box at the top. This takes you through to a new screen where you are able to amend or confirm your order. Once you're happy, click "Make Order" and follow the simple instructions.


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