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Porky Pies - Will you be crackling with joy.....or roasted?

Number of Players:  2 + (ideally four or more)

Suits ages:               14 to adult

Type of game:          Guessing the true meaning of unusual and old phrases

How it works:       

With something like 500 questions included, Porky Pies is a game that comes with enough material to keep you going for quite some time although you only need to print off a few pages each time you play.

How the game works: You get given an old or unusual phrase (many originate from the UK in the 16th to 19th century) and have to decide which of the three explanations provided is correct. Everybody plays at once and the person who picks the most correct explanations during the course of the game is the winner. Here are three samples to give you a feel of how the game works - try them out! (The answers appear at the bottom of the page).


This phrase would be used colloquially in olden times to describe:

(A) Your fingernails.

(B) The rules of etiquette in polite society.

(C) The key points that must be mastered when learning to ride a horse.

Phrase: "JACK STRAW"

This phrase was coined in the 16th century and would have been used to describe:

(A) Somebody who was widely considered to be good for nothing.

(B) Somebody who was as thin as a rake.

(C) Somebody who arrogantly bragged about his or her achievements.


This term originates from:

(A) The story of Sleeping Beauty where a beautiful Princess slept for many years under the spell of a sorcerer.

(B) The belief that young people who stay up late into the night will not retain their looks as well as others.

(C) The belief that by keeping your daughter at home in the evenings, she was more likely to meet a suitable husband than she would if she was allowed to go out with the local girls and boys.

Porky Pies is a good group game that's more thought oriented than many of the group games offered here. There is nothing loud or boisterous about the game and it's not overly competitive. The carefully researched material included provides plenty of amusement, intrigue and surprises.

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 Answers: (1) The Ten Commandments would have referred to your fingernails. (2) A Jack Straw would have been somebody who was widely considered to be good for nothing (3) Beauty Sleep comes from the belief that people who stay up late at night will not retain their looks.

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