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Number of Players: 2

Suits ages:   8 to adult

Type of game:   Racing / Mystery / Words

A very cleverly designed game. "One of the great new games of our time".

Scirmish is a head-to-head battle of words for two players. All you have to do is find the six words hidden on your opponent's pre-printed grid. It's simple enough in theory but there are a couple of clever twists in this outstanding new game....

Each player has a an empty grid and a pre-printed Scirmish word grid with six mystery words on it.

    One of the pre-printed grids

Each pre-printed grid has one mystery word appearing vertically and five others crossing it horizontally. All the words are themed. (For example, all the mystery words above relate to flowers).

You begin the game by calling out a letter to your opponent. Your opponent has to give you all the grid references where that letter appears on their grid. You write the letters down on your blank grid. (So let's say that your opponent had the grid above and you asked for the letter O. Your opponent would say "I have Os at B2, B3 and C3". You would then write the letter O on those squares on your blank pad). Then your opponents calls out a letter to you and so it goes back and forth.

Very soon you will see word-like things appearing on your grid. As soon as you dare, you should make a guess at one of the mystery words on your opponent's grid because once you know one word, it gives you a clue to the other words. From that moment it's a tense battling race to reveal all six of your opponent's words before they guess yours! Scirmish is a top quality new game that's easy to learn and great fun to play. If you enjoy word searches and other word games, don't miss out on the fun of Scirmish!

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