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The idea behind "Print and Play" Games is simple. You just download a file, print it off and hey presto, you've got a game that's ready to play. If you think a great game needs to come in a box, think again! These games have been designed by games industry professionals and are a lot of fun to play. Why not try them out ? You've got nothing to lose!


All "print and play" games can be obtained as simple web pages or as files for Acrobat Reader. We recommend the Acrobat reader files if you have the program.


The games are here for your personal use and enjoyment only. They are all subject to international copyright laws and amongst other things, all direct and indirect commercial usage is forbidden. If you operate a web site and wish to make these games freely available from your site, then you must contact us first (there are no costs involved). All unauthorized redistribution is forbidden by law.


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