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Information by interest:

Board Games retailers and web based resellers

We do not dispatch board games to bricks-and-mortar retailers in the traditional way. Instead we operate a web based affiliate program that enables retailers, resellers and even individuals the opportunity to enhance their web sites with exclusive Dirty Cheats games AND generate revenue at the same time.

The affiliate scheme

The affiliate scheme has considerable advantages over traditional retailing - the scheme is free to join and there is no financial commitment nor any stock risk on your part. You are paid a generous fixed amount on each sale that is made to someone you direct to our site. To ensure "fair play", payments are made to you by a third party who also administer the scheme and track sales that come in from your site (they are part of the Microsoft corporation so you know who you are dealing with).

You will get the best results from the scheme by thoughtful placement on your site. For example:

* E-commerce sites may choose to feature the scheme on exit pages to generate revenue from surfers even after they have left your site (exit pages typically include links pages, low level pages etc)

* Non-commercial sites may elect to feature the scheme more prominently on multiple high level pages to gain maximum revenue

* Editorial recommendation on your site will encourage interest and sales of specific games.


To join the scheme or find out more about it, click on "Dirty Money":


Please note that the structure of the program has been altered during this special promotional period:

  Start making money!

Board games manufacturers and suppliers

Dirty Cheats is not a general games retailer as a quick tour of the site will show you. So we will not list your games. But....

....if you are in the board games business then the chances are that you will do very well out of our affiliate scheme (see above for more info)

Board games inventors and designers

There are a lot of you out there! Please be aware that we do not offer advice, financing or any other kind of support for board games inventors and designers. There are numerous web resources available to you which will help you with the specific issues surrounding your particular game, here's a good one.


Why work against each other when we can work together ? In case you haven't already noticed, we don't sell the same games as you so we're not directly competing. Whatever kind of site you run, we can discreetly and effectively generate extra revenue for you (see above for more info). Start converting synergy into revenue today!



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