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They're here! The world's first truly interactive games !

New media games make much of their interactive capabilities yet none compare to traditional games where real people interact normally with each other without obstacles like the Internet to obscure things. For about 6,000 years people have been happily playing these interactive games, and new ones are being devised the whole time. So what's new in the way of "truly interactive" games this year ?

A number of excellent new games are exclusively available from dirtycheats.com. Unusually, you can only buy them at dirtycheats.com so they are ideal as fun, original and unique gifts for friends and family (or for yourself!). Amongst the range is Spuddle, a party game that's full of fast moving, table banging, family fun; Rough Justice, a totally ruthless 3D dice game for two players and Scirmish, quite probably the best word game you have never heard of.

William Maclean, the founder of dirtycheats.com believes that the many people are now returning to the fun provided by traditional games. "Sitting in front of an electronic screen is a solitary pastime and by nature we humans are social beings. So it's no surprise that we are beginning to see traditional games appearing in cafes and coffee shops. It's only a short step from there to the beginnings of a new trend favoring traditional games".

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