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Living the Dotcomedy ?

It's a hard life playing games and partying for a living but hey, someone's got to do it.

Partying and playing games are activities that most of us would associate with our leisure time. Yet for some carefree souls at dirtycheats.com it's a way of life that pays the bills. 

Board games producer dirtycheats.com manufactures and distributes party games, family games and board games to consumers over the web. It specializes in games that are especially good fun to play and William Maclean, its founder takes personal responsibility when it comes to ensuring the products are of the highest standards before unleashing them on its adoring followers. Inevitably this involves playing a lot of games, rejecting a lot of them, then organizing lots of "research sessions" (otherwise known as parties) to test the selected games to their limits. Sounds like fun !

"The games really have to be something special for us to run with them and we need to play and play and party and party to make sure they are up to people's expectations before we launch them" explains William Maclean of dirtycheats.com . "It's a lot of fun but it serves a serious purpose ~ the more fun our customers have with our products, the more they tend to make us their first stop when they go looking for new games".

So could this be the ideal place to work ? A place where you spend your life having fun to optimize the fun other people have ? Games and job opportunities are all posted at

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