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Some of this year's hottest new board games will never be available in your local toy store.

Everyone loves a great new game but finding them is becoming a bit more tricky these days. Once the local toy shops' shelves bulged under the weight of countless bright boxes, now it can be surprisingly difficult to find good new games. However a new board games company is aiming to set that straight by cutting out the stores and offering its games directly to you over the web at attractive prices.

"Dealing direct with the people who actually buy and play the games gives us much more freedom to design the kinds of games people really want. We don't have to consider the commercial requirements of the stores which can be an obstruction to good game design and cutting out the stores also means that people derive a price benefit by buying direct" explains William Maclean, founder of the innovative dirtycheats.com board games site.

dirtycheats.com supplies most of its games to the USA and Western Europe but the idea is catching on in all sorts of places, with customers making inquiries from every continent. One of the most unexpected orders came from Belgrade during the Balkans troubles, shortly after the TV station was bombed ~ perhaps the client was seeking alternative ways to occupy themselves when the TV went off.

Does this signal the way of the future ? William Maclean is unsure: "Some people are happy to buy new products on the web, others still like to go into a store and touch or feel the goods before purchasing. For web shoppers we offer fantastic deals and masses of fun so the attraction is obvious but I think it will be several years before the mainstream are willing to adopt our approach. So we see ourselves as complimenting toy and game stores, not competing with them"

Amongst the fun and original new games exclusively available from dirtycheats.com at the moment are: Spuddle, a party game that's full of fast moving, table banging, family fun; Rough Justice, a totally ruthless 3D dice game for two players and Scirmish, quite probably the best word game you have never heard of.....

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