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Could online partnerships be the future of board games retailing ?

It's a retailers dream: Stock without risk, revenue without effort, customers without hassle and no staff problems ! dirtycheats.com have adopted a hot new approach to games retailing that merges the new and old economies in previously inaccessible ways, offering great new opportunities for traditional retailers:

dirtycheats.com is a games producer and retailer that operates purely over the web. Toy and games shops with their own web site (however large or small) can offer dirtycheats games to their shoppers to enhance their site. Retailers do not require their own e-commerce facilities as this is handled by dirtycheats who will also process the order and dispatch the goods directly to the retailer's customer. So for a retailer the scheme is simplicity itself. Sales are tracked by one of the Microsoft subsidiaries (who also handle payments to the retailers) so there is every reason to be confident in both the technology and integrity of the system. At present the scheme is limited to retailers in the USA, UK and European Union although dirtycheats hope to be presenting a truly global offering in the near future. 

William Maclean, (the founder of this innovative venture) expands on some of the merits: "Our partnering approach to e-tailing offers traditional retailers an additional source of revenue on a risk-free basis. We offer a standard margin across all products and across all retailers and once the system is in place, retailers can just sit back, let it run and wait for the payments to start arriving. It really is that simple".

dirtycheats have already partnered with some of the very highest profile web sites on the Internet today but welcome partners of all sizes. Details of how to join can be obtained by visiting

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