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You can buy Hard Line right now at this online board games store.

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Hard Line: The Ultimate four-in-a-row board game

hardline2.jpg (39803 bytes)Think of the children's game "Noughts and Crosses" (some call it "Tic Tac Toe") and imagine that it has been developed into a polished and challenging format for adults. That's the basis of HARD LINE.

It's easy to get the gist of HARD LINE - you simply have to make a winning line of four-in-a-row. Players take turns to put dice on the board and the first person to make a winning line of four wins. It's straightforward enough in theory but you'll soon find the going getting tough…

The board has 16 squares on it, arranged in a four-by-four grid. Your objective is to outmanoeuvre you opponent and be the first to make a winning line of four (four dice of the same colour, four dice with odd numbers or four with even or four dice in a straight sequence).

hlpack01.jpg (75173 bytes)Within moments of starting the game you're deep into a crisscross of intrigue. Winning lines beckon in all directions - but the wrong move will give the game away. The stakes are raised at every turn. All sorts of options are open to you but which one should you take? That all important winning line can suddenly become a very HARD LINE to get!

HARD LINE is best played by two people or two teams. It can be played almost endlessly without fear of repetition and offers many hours of intrigue and fun.

Who is the board game suitable for?

Hard Line is suitable for adults and for children over the age of 12. The game comes ready to play and includes a unique HARD LINE board, full rules, eight white spot dice and eight black spot dice.

You can buy Hard Line right now at this online board games store.

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