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Mumbo Jumbo

The Online Anagram Game



For the uninitiated, anagrams are words or phrases whose letters have been scrambled up to make other words or phrases.  For example, if you re-arrange the letters that spell "Mother-in-law" you get "Woman Hitler". Get the idea?

On each page you'll find a category and five anagrams. When unscrambled, each anagram will something within the category. If you get stuck, just click on "clues" to get some help and if you give up completely, click on "answers".  You'll get the hang of it pretty quickly......."Italian Cities" is quite an easy Category to get started with and "Fast Food Restaurants" is one of the most popular for reasons that will become apparent....

Click one of the categories below to begin Mumbo Jumbo:

      Sports          Capital Cities        Fast Food Restaurants        Male Singers             Relatives    

Action Movies        Christianity            Paris        British Politicians        British Newspapers     Italian Cities

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