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The exciting game of Liar's Dice from South America ! Fill up your Perudo cup, roll the dice and keep the dice hidden under your cup. 

You know what's under your cup now but what have all the other players got under their Perudo cups? That's the dilemma that you are about to confront...

To make life just a little more uncertain, Perudo allows you (and often encourages you) to bluff. So as guesses go round from one person to the next, you can't really be sure who is telling the truth and who is being slightly less than honest.

If you're sure that another Perudo player is bluffing, you have the option to challenge them by saying "Dudo" (meaning "I doubt you") when you turn comes round. Then everyone has to reveal their dice and finally the truth is there for all to see. The loser of the challenge forfeits a dice and the next round begins. The last player with any dice left is the winner.

Perudo is game for up to six people, it's very portable and is currently available to buy by following the links shown on this page.

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