Background Info:

This domain is being offered for sale by Unbeatable Games. Unbeatable Games is a games company based in London, England. Unbeatable Games had bought this domain to market the game but no longer need it and are selling it.

 About the web address:

Because the domain is short, punchy and has instant recognition, we are sure it will be very attractive to many different people in the games world. We expect people will want it either to use immediately, to resell at a profit or to hold for future use.

We believe this is a superb web address that will lend an air of authority and impressiveness to any web site that uses it.

 How the sale works:

If you buy this name then we will ask you to open a free account with our domain registrar. This is a quick and easy process. We will then provide instructions on what you need to do to take the domain into your name. It is not a complex or difficult process but you need to follow the instructions to use the name. If you fail to transfer the name into your name within one month of purchase then we reserve the right to cancel the sale, refund your money and sell the name to somebody else.

If you would like to contact us you can use this link or use the details below:

Unbeatable Games,

World's End Studios,

132 - 134 Lots Road,

London SW10 0RJ

Telephone: UK - 020 7193 4976  (+44 20 7193 4976 from overseas).