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You can buy Scirmish right now at this online board games store.

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Scirmish (tm) - The hidden word hunting game

"A must-have game for fans of crosswords, word games and similar"

Welcome to Scirmish (tm), a cleverly designed, quality word game for two players. Your aim is simply to discover the six mystery words hidden on your opponent's card before your opponent discovers the words on your card.

scCARD05.gif (1682 bytes)How it works:

Each player has a pad with an empty grid on it and a printed Scirmish card which contains six mystery words. (The pad is shown on the left and a sample card is shown on the right).

Each card has one mystery word running down vertically and five others crossing it horizontally. All the horizontal words connect to the vertical word and all of the words on the card are themed - in other words they are somehow associated with each other. (For example, all the mystery words on the card shown are something to do with flowers).

You begin by calling out a letter to your opponent and your opponent has to give you all the grid references where that letter appears on their card. (So let's say that your opponent had the card above and you asked for the letter O, your opponent would say "I have Os at B2, B3 and C3". You would then write the letter O on those grid references of your pad).

scpack01.jpg (80611 bytes)You take it in turns to call out letters and very soon you will see the shape of things that look like words beginning to appear on your card. As soon as you dare, you should make a guess at one of the mystery words on your opponent's card. Remember that all the words on the cards are linked to a theme so once you have guessed one word correctly, you have got yourself an extra clue as to what the other words might be. From that moment it's a tense battling race to reveal all six of your opponent's words before they guess yours.

Scirmish is a top quality game. It comes with enough pre-printed grids to play a hundred times without repetition and if that's not enough for you, extra word grids are available free to people who own the game. Scirmish is a two player game suitable for adults and children over the age of twelve. The game includes cards with two hundred pre-printed word grids, full rules and Scirmish grid pads. Pens are not included.

You can buy Scirmish right now at this online board games store.

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