The object of the game is to identify a phrase from clues on the screen - try a few and you'll soon get the hang of it. There are now three versions of SnatchPhrase. If you've played before, choose a game link below. If this is your first game, read down for further explanation.....

Words Only          Images Only - (redesign in progress)       Combination Image-Words

SnatchPhrase Version 1:  Clues are purely made up of words, like this one: snatimindex02.jpg (2418 bytes)

The mystery phrase in this example is "Head over Heels" because the word "Head" appears over the word "Heels". (That's just an easy one to get you started!). Click here to play Version 1.

SnatchPhrase Version 2 - redesign currently in progress:  Clues are made up of images, like this one:snatimindex03.jpg (1994 bytes)

Here the solution is the phrase "Jumping the Gun" because what you see is someone jumping a gun. Click here to play Version 2.

SnatchPhrase Combination Version: Clues are made up of image words, like "war" with a twist: snatimindex01.jpg (4686 bytes)

The answer to this one is "Holy War" because you have the word "war" appearing with holes in it - hence "Holy War". Click here to play the combination version.

SnatchPhrase game choices:  Words Only          Images Only       Combination Image-Words   

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