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You can buy Spuddle right now at this online board games store.

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Spuddle: Table banging fun for everyone


Spuddle involves an unusual blend of quick thinking, cunning, table banging fun......

spuddle1.jpg (34187 bytes)How do you play Spuddle?

Everyone plays at once, there are no individual "turns". Each player has their own "pie slice" section of the board which is marked with the numbers 2 through to 7. You objective is to be the first player to cover all of these numbers. Here's how you do it:

Each round begins with the 7 lettered dice being rolled. The timer is turned and players have thirty seconds to make a unique word from the letters shown. When the timer runs out, everyone bangs the table three times with their fist and then sticks out as many fingers as there are letters in their word. Then everyone says what their word is and if yours is unique, you cover the number on your section of the board that matches the number of letters in your word. If, on the other hand, somebody else also has the same word as you, then you cancel each other out and neither of you score.

sppack01.jpg (77684 bytes)Then it's time for the next round. During the course of the game you are trying to find a set of unique words that are two letters long, three letters long etc up to seven letters long. If you are the first to do it, you're the winner. It's a lot of fun.

Who is Spuddle suitable for?

Spuddle is a reasonably quick game that's suitable for between two and six players (ideally between four and six players if you can manage it). It comes ready-to-play and can be played often without fear of repetition. Spuddle is suitable for adults and older children (age 13+).


You can buy Spuddle right now at this online board games store.

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