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William Maclean's Games bits and pieces...

gamenbut.gif (277 bytes)This page covers the bits that don't intuitively fit into other sections of the site. Here they are in no particular order:

Advice for first time board games inventors - If you've invented a game but don't know what to do with it, this page of help and advice might be useful. It is based on my own opinions that have been formed by countless approaches from first time games inventors. Please remember two things, firstly most people who invent games lose money on them. Secondly, I don't work with outside inventors, I do everything on my own so I won't be willing to get involved in any way.

Free Games: A few "low-tech" games to distract you for a moment or two. As web technology advances, these are getting somewhat left behind in terms of appearances. However if you can live without the frills, the content is quite fun.

Dice probabilities: In response to a few emails, here's a chart showing the probability of throwing different combinations with two six sided dice.

Rules for more games - Rules for all sorts of traditional games that are not my creations. These are good games but all you get is the rules - you have to bring them to life yourselves.


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