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Free online games and puzzles from leading international inventor William Maclean.

Welcome to my free online games section. There are two types of games available:

The free trial version of Scrimish (tm) - a hugely popular word game. To play you need to download the file, print it off,  switch of the computer and settle down to play with pen and paper. Highly recommended......

..."HTML" Games - These games are online variations of my board games. Being a board game inventor rather than a computer programmer, these games lack sophisticated presentation but they will give your brain a good workout!.... My HTML games are listed below:

Porky Pies:  You are given three possible origins of well known phrases. One is correct and the other two are fictional. All you have to do is pick the correct one. It sounds easy enough, doesn't it? Difficulty rating: medium   Play it here.

Double Trouble:  Double Trouble is a riddle game with rhyming answers. I give you a clue and you have to guess what the answer is. All the answers are two words long and those two words rhyme with each other (so for example if the clue was "an overweight feline", the answer would be "fat cat". Difficulty rating: Three skill levels to choose from: Easy medium and hard. Play it here.

No cheating! I have designed these games, I own the copyright and the games are available here for personal use only. It is expressly forbidden to reproduce these games in any format for commercial purposes.

Mumbo Jumbo:  An anagram game for people who love word games and are good at them - this is a hard game! I give you a group of anagrams in a certain category (A category might be something like "things you would find in a fast food restaurant") and you have to solve the anagrams to find the answers. Clues are available if you get stuck. Difficulty rating: Very hard Play it here.

Missing Links:  You have to find the word that connects other apparently unrelated words. So for example, I might give you the words STORM, WAVE, WASH and DRAIN. The answer would be BRAIN because it connects all those words (i.e. Brainstorm, brainwave, brainwash and brain drain). Difficulty rating: four versions are available, from easy to hard.  Play it here.

Quantagories:  A game of filling in the blanks. An example Quantagory is "7 D in a W". The answer is "7 Days in a Week" - the questions get harder as the game develops. Difficulty rating: easy to medium Play it here.

SnatchPhrase:   A fun game of figuring out answers from clues shown on screen clues. There are three versions of the game, one using images clues, one using word clues and one that combines the two. This has proved one of the more popular free games in this section. Difficulty rating: medium Play it here.

The Cockney Rhyming Slang Game:  A game based around the dialect of cockney, a form of English slang that has developed in London over the centuries. I give you a phrase constructed using cockney rhyming slang and you have to figure out what the real meaning of the phrase is. A lot more fun than it sounds  Difficulty rating: Easy to medium if you live in London, medium to hard if you live anywhere else! Play it here.

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